Hi, well I've had a Dimarzio Evolution(bridge) forever and I never really cared to ask, but since i am refinishing my guitar and had to remove the pickup..which way is the correct way to have it in the guitar? Since both top and bottom sections on the humbucker look the same I have no clue which way works best. There is Dimarzio brand or something on the back of it. Should this be upside down or should it be rightside up when looking at the guitar neck to body so..top to bottom? I saw a picture once of a diagram for dimarzios and it had writing on it and it was upside down, which is what i use most often. Please help me out, and i hope i was clear enough hah.
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o by the way how do the evolutions sound honestly im looking into one and im kinda broke so if i buy it it better be good?
well first, i bought it separately.. so i never really knew which way was correct. But I really wanted to know this time. Ummmm and about sound... I have a Jackson randy rhoads with a bolt on neck and a floyd rose system. I really dont like the pickup as much as I thought I would've. I have a really nasty cheap amp which is alot of it and the Evo might not be the best pickup for my guitar. It has reallly really clean highs that bite really hard(not literally). and lows..well theyre not that great if you have your EQ flat , but with a high bass EQ they sound good low. I have put it in my Les Paul with humbucker cover just for kicks and the highs were still extremely crisp and the lows were alot better than on the Jackson but still not amazing. Btw the LP is a set neck and I believe mahagony. If you are big into solos and dont need a great low freq. response it's a good pickup. The thing that sticks in my mind the most is that the higher freqs really cut through an awful lot which is great if you have all your EQs set up right but very annoying without proper set up. just my two cents
as close as you can get to Baileys without getting your eyes wet