I've waited a long time to ask this because not alot of ppl knows about this guitar.

It's an ibanez SAS32EX [the white one]

I like it. I like it alot. I think that I don't know if I should change the pick-ups though because of two things.

1: I don't know alot about how pickups sounds because I never really played alot of guitars in my life.
2: It has true duo system, and I think that it uses special pick-ups but anyway i dont know **** about how it's wired and all.

And I like [maybe love] the true duo system. I can switch to humbucker rock tone to a bluesy single coil tone. And it sounds better than my rg370

I didn't have any problem with the bridge [sat pro II]. Apparently, no one know this bridge here lol.

I though my bridge sucked when after a couple of months it started untuninng, but my nut had cracks at some places.

Actually it really never untunes itself.

And I love the fretboard

Pics in my profile, too lazy to upload them or something

edit: The magic true duo system~

So I think I have up to 12 diff tones? o.O [actualy 10]

image time

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Actually I went to a shop because I wanted to buy a new guitar for further gwituaer experience but I really couldn't find anything more confortable than that.

Well a weizard neck like an rg370 is kinda but I'm not confortable with the frets.
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It looks pretty badass. How much did it cost you?

Well like uhhh I think 3-4 months ago about 500 [original price was 750]

And I think it's near 450 now. I'm not sure. errrr nvm it's probably still about 500+.
I've never heard of the "Magic True Duo" system. It looks awesome. To tell you the truth, I'd pay a couple grand for it if I could. I like the fret inlays too.
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Its rather cool, although all the pickup conbinations and whatever aren't really my cup of tea. Nice though, I love Ibanez.
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Oh. What kind of fretboard does it have, and is the bridge double locking?

Rosewood ,medium frets with SAS special inlay

The bridge is kinda like a floyd rose. It's floating a bit but you can only go higher by maybe a half step. But you can still do like some ppl does to their floyd, raise it and so it gives you a higher range.
Hmm was thinking of buying this guitar and making a thread like this, sweet, job done Thanks!
nice but not a very good bridge, you get those on GIOs
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SA's are tight. Especially with that pickup system, I've never seen that before.

The tremolo isnt locking, but I would prefer it that way.
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Hmm was thinking of buying this guitar and making a thread like this, sweet, job done Thanks!

No prob =P

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nice but not a very good bridge, you get those on GIOs

Well for me, compared to an edge III [rofl] , it's pretty dam good. I really had no problem with it since I got it. It's always parallel to the body, it doesn't untune. And you can do those steve vai's vibratos with the whammy bar like he does in for the love of god because the bridge is floating in a special way. So you just tight up the whammy bar with the screw so it doesn't fall and can do that trick really easy. I really can't do it on my rg370.
It does look good so yea, my best bet is with this guitar... or the RG is good...
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is the trem a good one ???

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The SA EX inlay is the sex. I will get myself one of those guitar in black :p

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Looks like a Schecter!

Cool though!

Exactly what I thought
I have the sas36fm and I can tell you I totally love it.

BUT the split coil tone does sound like a single coil, but not exactly. It works well for me nonetheless.

The bridge hmm... I have no problem with it but some say they have when they use the wammy. YMMV

thats hot where can i get one? the body looks identical in shape to my SZ720 only i have 3 knobs and no trem..... but i mean the shape itself looks the same.
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