Well, I know what I'm looking for and I've given both a brief try. Not sure what I liked better, so I will leave it to you guys to tell me what I should focus on. I know that I want a really full sound, as I will mostly be using it to back myself up solo, without any other instruments. Therefore, I want the bass to be prominant and I also want it to have a bit of a percussive quality. So here are my two choices:




Thanks for all of the help.
Seagull, IMO, will be a much better bang for your buck than the level of Taylor you're looking at. Taylors mid and low range stuff isn't all that great, honestly. Still good, solid guitars, but not a really good guitar, especially for the price.
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the seagull is a better investment and value than the taylor at this price range.

although, i would probably get this seagull intsead of that one.

the maritime mini jumbo was the best seagull i've ever played.
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Seagulls are generally nice. And that one is all solid, as opposed to the Taylor which has laminate sides and back.
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At that price for a Taylor you're paying mostly for the name on the headstock. Out of those two I would recommend the seagull. It has better materials AND is lower in price. It's probably the better instrument too, but ultimately you should play both and really figure out which one you like better and choose that one.
I don't know much about seagulls, i've never really played then. I am a taylor fan, and it has rosewood back and sides which is a great wood (probably why its a bit more expensive). Rosewood is a great wood choice, but you really need to play both of them. The taylor body looks like it might be bigger not sure, but that could lead to a stronger bass sound.
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