how does that work? isnt deathmetal supposed to be about satan ****ing fetuses and **** like that?
You're an idiot.

Lyrical subject doesn't affect musical genre. Unless you play something like "Pirate metal" where it's dependent on the lyrical content.
Death metal is not one of those genres. Besides, Impending Doom are Deathcore, and if you read their lyrics, you'd understand that they put no emphasis of "worshiping christ" etc.

They're just christians who play deathcore.
i thought that was black metal? death metals just about death and morbid stuff like that?

impending doom are intense either way though

What he said ^^^ dunno why i bother posting this early in the morning you get crap answers outta me lol
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as i lay dying are the only christian band i know.
christian metalcore lol.
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