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So I have a Yamaha Eg 112

and I got a little tired of I decided to try staining it and do a sunburst effect.

Taken apart

Here are some pics after I sanded it down

Some parts felt smooth while others felt like bare wood (I didnt sand enough to get through the sealer), I didn't think anything of it and tried staining it anyways...

Obviously, it turned out pretty bad, due to the fact that it is a basswood body and the fact that I did not bother sanding completely through... Oh well, so I decided to screw it and I ended up finding a tutorial from projectguitar about material I decided that it was cooler/more unique
Here was my chosen fabric

Cutting it out

So I forgot to take more pics, but after I glued it and sealed it...

Anyways, I ended up trimming all the fabric, but I did a poor job, I should have layed some bondo on the edges (they were all uneven and not flush against the wood) so I again cut corners and just decided to paint it...turned out horrible, all of the edges were completely I scraped it and started again...this time with a different design

So after scraping that old fabric off (a lot easier than I expected) I cut and glued on the material...with the help of some titebond wood glue

After the glue dried I trimmed the edges

After coating it with some clear sandable sealer, fine trimming the edges and putting some bondo over uneven spots and cutting out the cavities...

and with the pickguard, pups and other electronics

Thats All for now...tomorrow I should be able to paint the burst (using the poor boy tutorial on project guitar) and put a few coats of clear
looks good so far dude, good work
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That's pretty awesome, but what if the fabric gets dirty!? Hmmm
I have too much gear to fit!
that looks pretty cool man, nice job. i love the whole idea of redoing guitars to make them unique.
I thought you were gonna put the transformer crap on there but then i saw the weird orange fabric...In other words...I like it, I like it alot!
Ya, I wanted to do the transformer crap mainly because I was photoshopping how the guitar would look...the transformer thing looked a lot better than the orange. So I started...a few days later I decided to try the kisekae guitar thing....and I was pissed off to find that the orange looked sooooooo much nicer, but it was too late. Lucky for me I cut corners and had to start over :/
it would be cool to do the pick guard with a blue fabric with that same pattern. But thats just my opinion... I also think you should do the headstock also.
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I thought that when you stained it (despite the fact that it messed up a wee bit) it still looked pretty nice.
So sick looking.
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I would have stuck with the stain had there not been that big chunk (on the front) of non-staining wood. All the cool looking stain would be covered by the pickguard

I wanted to do the headstock, but I dont know how to take off the tuning pegs lol
Taking off the tuners takes like three seconds all you have to do is loosen the nut round the top peg where the string goes around with some pliers. It should then slide right out.
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I think I kind of like it better with the black headstock (after some photochopping) but who knows, ill probably get bored one day and end up changing it when I decide to replace the strings or something. Ive gone long enough without my guitar for some reason I still love playing it compared to my les paul :/
that material looks horrible untill its attached to a guitar
youve pulled it off well

good job :P
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you think so? I was really attracted to it I couldnt decide on the transformer thing or that :/

SO I started painting the burst, Ill have pics of it later tonight
It looks great! I also like that you posted pics of the mistakes too. I usually learn more from those.
cool, cant wait to see the final result!
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so with the clear coat, for some reason it isnt very shiny... Im using duplicolor acrylic paint. When I painted the transformer type fabric I used some rustoleum clear lacquer and it also wasnt shiny. Why is this? everytime Ive clear coated before (with duplicolor atleast) it was always shiny (when spraying over duplicolor paint)

How am I supposed to get a nice finish? polyurethane? anyways here are some more pics of the bursting process

Looks pretty good. What kind of angle did you hold the can on? I want to do a burst on one of my guitars, but I don't want that wide of one. Also, I think yours would look badass with a mirrored pickguard!
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Try to hold at a 45º angle. I wasnt too worried about the angle though. There were many areas which werent getting as much paint so I would just go straight in to get more coverage in that area.

SO yeah, its not very glossy. After I sand down the clear a little can I apply my polyurethane? This is what i have

a couple coats of that? do I need to sand it? Will this even work? lolz
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This is a pretty awesome customization, when you compare the newest pictures to what you started out with. Nice work
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thats dope brah. throw a coat of gloss on there and it would be marvelous.

there are like 3 coats of clear on there and it is barely shiny at all. I just edited one of my posts above yours but Ill type it again.

I have this

Can I use that after I sand down the clear a little bit?
Good job. I also have an EG 112, but the whammy bar actually tore through the block lol and the elctronics failed. When I finally get around to re doing it I may try a material finish. I definately won't rip you off, but thanks for inspiring me!

EDIT: For clear coats, I put 12 on my guitar, and it was about a shiny as carpet (old dirty non shiny carpet) until I sanded it.

I chose to sand to 2000 grit, then polish with car finishing wax I got a car dealership I work for. It is really good now.
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Ya, I kept trying to get it, and I would always just hit the contour or above that part. I think it stands out a little less in person though.

To fix it, would I just have to sand that part down a little, throw a bit of black and then clear it?

Btw, I sanded the backside with 1000 grit, and the black started to shine a bit more but the fabric still feels like fabric. Even when I threw sanding sealer on it (towards the beginning of the project) it still seemed to seep right through the fabric. I threw some polyurethane on there and the black is shining even more...hopefully it'll sit on the fabric. I want it to feel like normal paint instead of fabric :/

I only did the back though so we will see how it turns out
after clear coating, and sanding with 1000 grit, the actual paint is pretty smooth, but the unpainted parts are still pretty fabric feeling.
OK so the poly urethane is working. Its shiny and the fabric is starting to not feel like fabric any more

So far I have 3 coats, how many should I go for? maybe 5?
ok so Am i supposed to sand inbetween/after the final coat of poly?

I did 3 coats, wet sanded with 1000 grit, and it made it nice and flat but some of the spots where the paint is uneven were showing through. I put another coat of poly after sanding and its all uniform again. Should I just sand with 2000 after this coat, then poly again and polish with rubbing compound?
anyone? I got done with sanding with 2000 and putting more poly. It is shiny as hell, but it doesnt really look smooth (mainly because I am using the same foam brush that i have used the entire time, and its starting to get hard on some spots, dried mineral spirits or something I guess) but it feels smooth.

In a way I kind of like the textury look. So will buffing be fine? would sanding then spraying with some aerosol poly work? (do they make any aerosol poly that they would sell at walmart?)
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