Well my friend is going to start up guitar, he just bought a Douglas Shadow (lp clone) from rondomusic

He needs an amp and well I dont really like my fender and I just bought a crate v3112 (which will hopefully arrive soon) so How much should I sell the amp for?

Its got a really nice clean channel, and some nice effects, perfect for a beginner imo. Sure you could probably get a better amp for the same price but yeah.

So yeah, the amp brand new is still $200 which is what I paid. I've only had it for about 6 months. I'm thinking $100-120 would be good. Is that too little? Maybe $140/150?

well, i think he wants money 311zosovhjh :p
100 sounds fair to me, try checking ebay or something?

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if it were my amp, i'd sell it for $65

but tahts cause i sell all my stuff cheap.

i sold my old double bass pedal for $40 the other day. (originally it was around $430 after taxes)
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^^^ geez

Yeah I kind of want money for it

The fender 25r's are selling for about 120 plus shipping, there arent too many used fm25's getting sold on ebay...they only have the buy it nows for $200