she just goes to the same gym i go to,but sometimes shows up at the same time.I can't stand her because of the ways we've acted to each other before(some confrontations,and incidents where i've have to go off on her for pissing me off.what do i do?
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If she's not doing anything to you at the gym - talking to/about you, deliberately get in your way or anything like that - ignore her. Go on concentrating on what you are doing, don't waste any energy whatsoever on her. Life is full of people you don't like but have to see, so just focus on yourself.
are you a guy or a girl?
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Grab her tits and start moving your hands up and down her body in a sensual way when you happen to get pissed off at each other again.

I'm sure she won't mind
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I think the problem is now solved.

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