hey guys
i have come here to ask for help because ug has helped me many times before
i have got a new dell vostro 1510 laptop
2gb ram
core duo 2ghz blah blah blah

specs arent relevant but i have downloaded windows live messenger and when i get to the installation part there are two things to install... messenger and sign-in assistant
well it gets up to 99% on the messenger part and just stops... i have tried starting it again and i have also tried downloading the installer again.. any ideas?
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Hmm, I had minor problems with installing Live Messenger, probably because the installer is ****.

Try again in an hour?
try it again, but when it stops, hit
and look at that applications performance,
see if it corrupts you computer usage..

but are you using XP or VISTA?

The windows live installer doesnt actually do the download % on the amount downloaded, it just assumes your net is blazing fast.

If you have dialup, give it about 30mins-an hour.
Try downloading any other version of Windows Live Messenger

Or you can suggest your problem to a PC forum site; not a guitar so try:


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