Hey guys, i'm doing some small recording with Audacity.
And i want to know how i can get it to play what ive already recorded while i record another track?
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just press record again. just make sure u have it starting from the begining of the track tho.

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go into the preferences (under edit at the top)
make sure "Play other tracks while recording new one" is checked
the second one should be unchecked.

record your first part, then rewind to the beginning. Then you have to hit record again. It will make a new track and route the sound to that new one for you. It should also play the audio on the other track(s) you recorded before.

Without an audio interface of fair quality you will be getting lots of latency though and so layering will be very hard to do...
And i do have an audio interface.
Lexicon Alpha, not the best but it's doing a good job so far.
I love white guitars!