I've recently traded in my Vox AD30VT for a Peavy Valveking 112.

One problem is that headphones won't work with it. I've tried two, both of which work great with other electronics, and two adapters, both of which are in perfect condition and work great with other accessories. The amp is incredible, but when I try to plug the headphones into the "external speaker" jack (since there's no headphones-special jack), it only comes in on the left speaker.

Is there any way to solve this? If anything, is there a piece of equipment that I can purchase to make it work?
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you plugged headphones into the speaker cab jack?!

edit: ok just so my post isn't a complete waste.. a 65 watt tube amp isn't going to have a headphone jack. the reason for that is better explained by other people.

i believe it would have to do with the power section overloading since it wouldn't be loading to a speaker..
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uh...i think headphones into the speaker out is big no no...

You could try something like this
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