My line6 GX is getting interference on my current lappy, looking to buy a new one.

Any ideas on a good cheap notebook for recording with USB interface?
Pretty much any laptop will run with a Toneport however you'll want a laptop that runs fast enough for the sequencer software you will be using.

These days 2.0GHz dual core and 1GB memory is a standard/minimum when it comes to PCs.

I run a desktop with a 2.20GHz single core AMD, and 2GB ram...all with Vista and Sonar Producer. It lags when I work on a very large project however most of the time I keep the processor meter below 30% so this goes to show you that even a slower computer and do quite a bit and if you are running a cheaper interface such as a Toneport, chances are you wont be working on large projects anyways.

keep an eye on slickdeals.net for computers.
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If you're running Vista it's 2GB minimum. Vista needs 1GB just for the OS...
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I ran vista home pre. on 512MB but it was a little slow, (mostly on startup)
I go a 1GB stick and replaced the 512 stick and it ran much better, well enough for recording IMO.

2GB is a nice feature, as is a video card for all the graphics vista has however 1GB is more than enough IMO
Macbooks are really good for recording.
They have less junk software on them and run pretty efficiently with the programs you'ld be using.

Apart from that for a PC the specs i'ld recommened is a minimum of:
2GHz Dual Core processor
200gb Hard Drive
1gb RAM (2gb advised)
Any sound card will do (as its better to use an external audio interface)
A proper graphics card (not the built-in intel chipsets, they'll lower the performance)
The bigger the screen the better (always good to have more space to work on, a good graphics card will help as u can attach an extra monitor if needed)
A DVD read/write drive.
Atleast 2 USB slots
Atleast 1 FireWire slot

And thats about it.
Just make sure you keep the comp as basic as possible. Don't fill it with any junk software that you don't need. It'll just use Hard Disk space and RAM space lowering your DAW's performance.

Check where your budget is, and go from there. Any laptop with USB 2.0 (in other words, any laptop) should handle your Toneport (your problem may just be old drivers...go to line6.com, get the monkey program, and make sure they're up to date).
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