okays The time has come, im gonna buy an American made Fender Stratocaster!!!!!!!!!!! i was thinking Standard Series but I love the Seafoam Surf Green colour like jeff beck!! but they only make the Vintage 57 and 62 re-issues in that colour....sad for me...i just want an American made standard Srat in Seafoam Surf Green....anyways how much would it cost to get its colour changed after i bought a standard strat???
First of all: congratulations for buying a great guitar

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Well, you find the paint you want (spray paint of course), take the guitar apart, sand it down, paint it and put it back together again.

I've done it before with a Strat copy.

But you have to solder some stuff.

So I would say £100 tops.

EDIT: There's a sticky in the Gear Building And Customisng about this, but my thing is a basic outline of what to do.
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just go to your nearest guitar shop and ask them to quite you.

as for the guitar WHYYY??
I think it's one of those things where most people are 'meh' about it, but those who like it, love it. It's never gonna be as popular as sunburst, black, red or off-white.

Congrats on getting a Strat. You're finally a man. Stand tall!
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