Hey guys, im planning to get an extention cab for my EB180. the cab is an Ashdown Mag 410T, 450watts @ 8 ohms. the EB180 is 180watts @ 4 ohms. would it be enough to power the cab?
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That's pretty much a waste of money. To add a 410 to get 180 watts seems wrong. Plus, you'll only be sending 100 watts to a 450 watt handling cab. I would just save up for a larger amp.

i know its not very good, i am saving up to get a more powerful amp, ashdown mag 300h, but that will be a few months, but im not sure if my current 15" speaker can take 300watts :S

its a dilema...
The 15 only has to be able to handle about 185 watts if it's 8 ohms. If you're sure about upgrading, I suppose it won't make that much of a difference, especially if you're buying the MAG in fairly short order.