I'm mediocre at guitar, but I've always been interested in playing the cello. Is the transition easy? Is it harder than playing the guitar?
A lot harder, But its worth it. The hardest part is finding the notes on the fingerboard as there arn't any frets and you have to go by feel/sound. After a couple of months though it gets alot better. Check out some Apocalyptica ( if you havent already )
it's a lot harder, but once you get moderately good it's so rewarding.
^yeah, I love playing cello, but the only thing that really translates between it and guitar is callouses and strings.
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I'm a cellist too, it's a beautiful instrument, and I wouldn't say harder, just very different. They don't have a great deal in common, except that you're trying to make music with both! Go for it though! I'd get lessons, if I were you.
The transition will be VERY hard. Obviously, the fretless nature of a cello means you have to actually pay attention to your intonation. However, there is more margin for error than on, say, a violin, and it'll help develop a better sense of pitch. Secondly, since it's tuned in fifths, the scale shapes you've learned will be useless, and most scales will be unplayable without shifting(though some, like G and C, are relatively easy). Third, it's very rarely used as a chordal instrument, so expect something very different. I played from 6th grade through freshman year, which I'd kept going but I got dragged into marching band and kinda didn't have time.

EDIT: Totally forgot to mention. Bowing, though a simple enough concept, is actually pretty tough to get a hang of. The correct way to hold it will be pretty awkward at first, as will transitioning between strings, and getting an even sound, but good luck.
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