And yes, I searched and read through what I found. The problem is that not everyone seems to agree on what the sound difference is with the 30V speakers. I'm looking into buying one for my 6505, which is giving off a waaaay to harsh sound with my 1922 2x12.

I need to know which one sounds smoother and less harsh, and is better suited for death metal stuff (Carcass, Necrophagist)? I need tight bass response here, but if the 30V just has more mids, I don't think that's what I need, considering the amount of mids my head has. I also need a smooth as possible high end.

None of the local stores have the 1960AV, so I can't really test it myself.
the AV man, definitely, you will notice such a diffeence with vintage 30 speakers!
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Yeah, but what exactly is the difference in the sound? I have seen people here say that they are both more and less middy, so I don't know what to believe.

AVs are very hard to come by used over here, so I'll have to shell out a lot more if I want to get me one.
75's have a bigger and tighter low end response, but the highs can be harsh. V30's have a wider and looser lowend response. They also have a more pronounced crunch because they break up sooner. This is interpreted as having more mids by a lot of people. When running my V30 loaded cab, I keep my amps mids at half, where with a cab with 75's I would have the mids two points above half.
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