Just to go on from the last game. Nine clips are uploaded to my profile. 3 or from tubes 3 are from SS and 3 are from modeler.

Tube is Traynor YVC 20
SS is a peavey Backstage connect to the speaker in the traynor.
Modeler is the amp models in the micro BR

All recordings were made with the micro br.

Please vote for example ss=solid state, t=tube, m=modeler


and so on
you should have kept it a secret as to which was which ;-)
Cursed to one day crash and burn because we fly so god damn high.
sorry mate, thought your example was giving it awaw, but its just an example

havnt got speakers in work ;-)
Cursed to one day crash and burn because we fly so god damn high.
Yeah it is just an example. I bet you won't be the first to read it quickly and think that though.
That was pretty hard! I'll did my best. What made it harder was the fact that you had 9 clips at random and it was hard to keep track of which riff was which clip as I was trying to go back and forth to compare but lost track of what riff was where. Otherwise, kudos to you.

Thanks for taking a listen. It is rather hard I would not be able to tell myself if I had not made the clips myself.
Clip 1 SS
Clip 2 M
Clip 3 T
Clip 4 SS
Clip 5 M
Clip 6 T
Clip 7 SS
Clip 8 M
Clip 9 T
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Hey thanks for listening. I won't let this run too long before I post the results.
come on guys, there has to be more than 2 of us that want to give this a guess.
Not taking any online orders.
It's OK, I wonder if there are just too many clips and the fact that they are not labeled amp1, amp2 and amp3 does not help. Could also be that the clips do sound rather the same. 20 people so far have listened to the clips so I only assume most could not tell which was which or did they not like what they heard.
Well I was thinking about doing that but I will leave it as is this time. Next time I do something like this I will just upload one clip from each amp.
So if nobody esle wants to jump in are we still going to get to find the the results?
Not taking any online orders.
Yep here are the results

Clip1=Tube Traynor YCV20
Clip2=Model Boss Micro Br Amp Model Crunch
Clip3=Model Boss Micro Br Amp Model Clean
Clip4=Tube Traynor YCV20
Clip5=Tube Traynor YCV20
Clip6=SolidState Peavey Backstage Dirty Channel
Clip7=Model Boss Micro Br Amp Model Crunch
Clip8=SolidState Peavey Backstage Clean Channel
Clip9=SolidState Peavey Backstage Dirty Channel

So thats the results.
Thanks to those who replied and thanks to those who took the time to listen.
No I won't be doing a part 7. I may do something in a few months from now but only if I get a modeling amp of some sort. My own experience tells me that modeling is more that good enough for my personal use and I like having the range of sounds and effects available that the micro BR has. I have already tried the pod XT and would like to try the pod x3 and the boss gt8 and gt10.