I'm having trouble doing more advanced riffs etc.

When I pick with my right hand I jump strings normally but I always seem to hit other strings while doing so, my left hand has no trouble just my damn right hand.

Is it just to train away or it more technique wise? I notice I'm holding the pick at an angle when I hit the strings, has this got anything to do with it, or that my pick is kinda hard/soft?

I also run drop C atm with 011 strings.

Any help would be grateful, as I hate this
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train your picking hand more,

work on being precise, heres a drill that worked for me,

go to low E and downpick, then up-pick A, then down pick D and so on and so forth, til you get to high E, then flip it and work your way back up,

after awhile try doing this without looking, it should help with accuracy,

also, DCH has earned himself another report for being an ass, congratulations
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Shut the fuck up.

TS: Ignore this asshat. Remember that speed is a byproduct of accuracy; practice licks and riffs slowly with a metronome, make sure you're accurate and you'll get faster as your muscle memory builds up.