Because I'm on a budget im buying a Roland Cube 30x, or is it worth saving for longer for the 60x?
I won't need 60 watts but isn't there more features on the 60?

Yeah, 60 is better. One day you might need 60.
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Yea, I've got a 30 and once i took it to band practice and fully cranked I couldn't hear it over the drums. But My mate had his 60 with him and it was doin fine.

Also the 60 can go as quiet as the 30. Go for the 60 because even though you think you don't need it now you may need it in the future.

It's cheeper in the long run to save and get the 60 witch you can practice with a band with than splash out on a new amp if you get in a band
What amp do you have now?
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I tested both of them in store and even had the store manager play it. The only difference is the loudness. There's pretty much no noticeable difference when both are cracked up to the max. Even when they are both maxed out, your ears won't be impressed (or even hurt for that matter).

Also, could be that my pick ups are on the quieter end of things. But still the fact remains that the only difference is how loud they can go.
I would go for the 60. I found the 60 had more weight to the sound and for some reason I prefered it over the 30x.