so was I..... I usually arrive late, cos theres less waiting around to do. AT my first gig I was nervous when I was just hanging around before the band came on... You'll enjoy it when you get into it though
Don't stand there all stiff. Move around. Have fun.

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don't screw up.

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practice practice practice, you'll be nervouse before you go on but when you get on and start playing that nervousness will become energy
This may sound stupid, but when you're playing in your bedroom pretend like you're on stage and that everyone's watching you, you'll get a little anxious, and get used to that feeling. Also have a few friends come see you rehearse, to see if you get nervous in front of them. And of course don't be a statue, move around, headbang, jump, mouth along the words, all kinds of things you can do depending on your genre.
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Don't just stand still and play your material. Interact with the crowd, show some enthusiasm, and don't worry. This is your first gig. You have thousands more to come (hopefully).

Don't worry, you'll be fine
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Do not just stand there. Please.
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dont let yourself think your nervous

i had my first gig a few weeks ago and my band kicked ass because we didnt say ooh im nervous we just went up there did out thang and enjoyed it

on the other hand this band were playing on the same bill and it was there first gig too but they were all ooh im nervous ooh ooh and they were shiite they forgot there words looked crap and were just bad

be positive
Don't spend the entire time looking at your feet, have fun, bounce around. Have a rehershal where you go over your entire setlist a few times the night before (good idea no matter how many gigs you play really), where you treat it as a gig.

And dont screw up haha
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From now on constantly untill your gig practive playing stood up and not looking at your guitar because it's easier to play guitar sat down consentrateing on what your doing. So then your playing will be fluent and you'll look organic and natural onstage and not all wooden.

Also if your getting really into playing onstage and you **** up you look less of an idiot than if you were really consentrateing and screw up.

Oh and watch out for your guitar lead popping out
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so was I..... I usually arrive late, cos theres less waiting around to do. AT my first gig I was nervous when I was just hanging around before the band came on... You'll enjoy it when you get into it though

Yep, I'm ok till i get to the venue, then the nervousness comes and doesn't go till we start playing, then everything is ok.

And I agree with the guy who says practice your entire set-list all in one go. It helps reassure you that you know what your doing
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This is what i do and it works really well. Dont think negative if you say" dont screw up" your gunna end up screwing up. If you say something like "im gunna be great,effing amazing, im the cats pj's" then your gunna own the stage and look like a total bad ass.

have fun
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At my first (and only) gig we rehearsed at the location just before our gig, and we sucked BALLS! All the people who were there before the gig called us fags, and we forgot 1 song like COMPLETELY but then at the gig (like 10 minutes later) we decided not to even try the song we forgot, and replaced it with one we were working on... the other band (who had played like 150 gigs) sayed we were the best "First gig" they had seen yet. so dont be discouraged if your rehearsals suck, just practice a little more....we were super popular for like 3 days.LQTM.
When the people on this board say "drink", they don't mean get yourself all piss drunk, but maybe have 1 or 2 stiff ones to get some courage into ya. Whiskey, vodka, sum'like'dat. But don't. get. drunk. before the gig! Sheeesh!
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Just practice loads in the weeks before the gig. When it gets to the gig itself, just relax and try not to make any mistakes, also make it look like you've done gigs before by headbanging, interacting etc. Just don't look nervous because the crowd will pick that up.
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Think about this..it got me through my first gig.

The people who are going to your show could stayed home and fap all night long...but they're coming to see you play.. so give it your all and have some fun mate (Y)

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A few shots of Vodka and you will be juuuust fine....
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Learn your songs so well you can play them without thinking about it. Don't panic if you make a mistake, something you do that seems like a huge mistake to you probably wont even be noticed by the crowd, trust me.
Practice some relaxing techniques before you go on. Breathe deeply that kind of thing. I had my first gig in like a year or two like a month ago. I was sort of nervous (not really that badly though) I just took some breathes, did some hand/finger stretches. When we got up to play the nervousness disappeared. People started dancing, having a good time. By the last 4 songs there was a decent sized group of people just getting DOWN right in front of the stage, getting onto the stage. It was great, I had a blast.

Good luck!