Has any body on here heard of a guy named Jason Mraz he is amazing listen to some of his music and if you like it come here to learn more about him

I've only got "I'm Yours".

It's a bit too poppy for my liking. He has a great voice though. I'm definitely not going to judge him on one song though.
remedy acoustic is so good. i like him he's pretty awesome
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I love "waiting for my rocket to come" and "the remedy", but some of his more sentimental songs are kind of annoying. too poppy.
His music is pretty cool and he seems like an awesome dude.
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I LOVE Jason Mraz. Honestly, he is incredibly underrated. His entire album Mr. A-Z is lyrical genius and his voice is beautiful. The honesty he portrays in a lot of his music along with the rhythm and style are all just fantastic.
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Jason Mraz's music is probably some of the best sounds I've ever heard. His lyrics are genius.

(My user name is a song of his)

Edit: Is this really the first Mraz thread?? What a shame...
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