if so what are they like? i am looking for a new bass that has 24 frets as i like my hight basslines and i've read about it and all reviews seem positive so....
Bass....How low can you go?????
I haven't got one personally, but i know a couple of people that own one, and seem to be happy with it. They play various things on it ranging from metal to jazz
I had an sr305 for years. It was pretty decent, but the tone shaping wasn't great, I really had to fiddle to get sounds I liked out of it. You are probably already aware, but the necks are super fast, I don't think I'd buy an SR again just for that reason, but if that's what you like then go for it. The bass sits comfortably and feels substantial. I had an input jack break once, but that happens on any bass no matter how well built.

It's a specialized bass that's worth the money, nothing spectacular, but nothing wrong with it either.
It would be hard to go wrong with it. It is a good choice unless you play something that you absolutely fall in love with.
is a nice bass for the price, not a steal deal but it works ok, it has some metalish tone
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I have a 305 as well, great bass, but it started falling apart on me.
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