Does the Laney VH100R head have enough gain for metal, think Meshuggah, Architects, Sikth, Dream Theater, etc. I will most likely be using it with a Marshal MC 2x12 cab and a THD Hotplate

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The Laney's got plentyful gain, but its a VERY bright amp so you'll probably benefit from some sort of darker voiced overdrive/cab =]
Yes, it has enough gain but as Pablo said its very bright. If you dont want to change cabs another solution would be an eq petal.
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probably. it will depend on personal preference, your guitar, etc. etc. as said, i seem to remember its being quite bright. are you in the UK? if not, there might be better-value options.
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I love mine although as stated above its very brightly voiced so your not going to get exactly Petruccis tone and you don't have an 8 string so its not going to sound quite like Meshuggah but it does have more than enough gain and the cleans are awsome. Its good for classic rock, and even crunchy stuff too. Its an all around great amp.
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