Everytime I try to write sensitive emotional typed songs, I get a kick ass riff, make everything fit to gether perfectly, and then stump myself with horrible lyrics. To me they seem really just "Try-Too-Hard", overly-sensitive, pussyish lyrics. Does that happen to everyone? Is it supposed to sound that way? We're a punk/pop-punk band by the way. We've written alot of hardcore stuff that doesn't sound bad but the lyrics always seem weak to me when I do soft stuff.
Depending on your age (if you're younger than 16-17) you may just be trying to get too much out of yourself. Patience and revision seem to be the most profitable ways to become a better writer. Perhaps you could try sharing the burden of lyricising (?!) with bandmates for more ideas. Another thing is perhaps learning new words or using everyday words differently. I know it sounds a bit daft, but have a skim through a dictionary now and again and write down some words or meanings and it'll help greatly in the long run.
i in a pop punk band and you just have to keep writing and writing and you'll get better and it wont sound as forced or "pussyish"
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i recommend just going a long walk through the ctiy or something, and write about something there, also listen for sounds, and figure out what they are from, that helps alot
I often find that recycling cliches is the worst possible way to write a love song/emotional song because everything comes out forced and cheesy. Avoid overused images "broke my heart", "I love you so much it hurts", etc., they're extremely difficult to use effectively. Make sure what you write is fresh, that'll help you feel like it's more poignant.