Kind of just venting but I wanted to see what you guys suggest.

I always practice sitting down, and I put my guitar on my left leg (it just feels more comfortable to me). I have never played in front of anyone so there was never really a need to stand up and practice.

Well, last night I decided to try playing standing up and it was very, very difficult. I know I have read threads to adjust the height of the guitar using the strap and I did that to get the best comfort level. My problem is that when I practice while I am sitting, I tend to lean over the guitar and look at the fretboard and my left hand. When standing, I can't really do that.

I guess it will just take some getting used to. I practiced the scales last night for about 30 minutes standing just to get used to the motion and not being able to really see the fretboard.
it is a challenge first time / first few times, but as u said the more u do it ull become comfortable

I break my practice up hald sitting, looking over the board getting a good view, then standing

Its just natural that it feel awkward at first but it will become more natural after tiem
yea you should really practice standing more. its helpful if you wanna go far with guitar. haha that rhymed!
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I practice sitting, but can play standing if I wand to. I kinda stick out my right leg as if I'm taking a step, to rest my guitar on, so I can see my fretboard.
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I practise standing up.
Sitting down is easier of course. But say if I have a gig coming up or a small performance I would practise standing up for at least an hour.
Start off by sitting down first for 30mins then begin standing up.
The best thing for you: practice!
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I used to sit when i was learning on my acoustic but when i got my first electric all i did was practice standing up. Now days i do which ever, if i'm playing to backing track i always do it standing.
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part of the problem might be your left leg too. If you are right handed, then having it on your right leg is a more natural position. If you stand up to play, you should adjust it so that it's the same height as when sitting on your right leg. using your left puts the guitar at a weird angle and throws everything off. If you're playing right handed, then switch it up.
Thanks for the quick replies. I figure it will take time to get used to. I am a complete beginner so everything will take time.

Is it odd for me to rest the guitar on my left leg to sit and play?
ya there is always a bit of difference between sitting and standing. i almost always learn new songs sitting down jus to get the hang of it to see where i need to e an which positions work before i stand up. it is a bit harder to see when standin so learn sitting then practice standing. it also helps you to learn how to play without lookin so when u do play in front of sumone you can look at them, so they might feel a better connection with u and the music. good luck
The problem is just that you aren't used to not looking at the fretboard like that. You can still look down to make sure you're moving to the right frets, but try using more of the markers on the side of the guitar, and keeping mental track of what you're playing without looking down. Eventually, you will hardly ever have to look at the guitar when you play.
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it helps a lot if you dont look at the fretboard while playing
once you start giggin' you'll look like a worse band if your constantly just staring at the fretboard
Try moving while you stand/play too

Once you play standing long enough, you'll get used to the strap height, and where all the notes are. Hey, you might even be able to play some chords or riffs without looking :O
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Thanks for the quick replies. I figure it will take time to get used to. I am a complete beginner so everything will take time.

Is it odd for me to rest the guitar on my left leg to sit and play?

You can use either leg lol
I actually stand for all of my practise...but since the rest of you say that you do some sitting, is this possibly bad for me in any way?

Ive always thought that it would be more beneficial to me in the future, because if you think about it, how often do you perform sitting down? & besides, it came naturally for me & im actually more comfortable & play way better standing so I just thought why not do it all the time...but then again, what are the benefits of sitting as opposed to standing?
When I practice acoustic I sit down because thats what acoustic seems to be meant for, but I always stand up 100% when I practice electric because that's how I always play, and now I'm just comfortable with that.
When i play acoustic (Which I did for about a year before I got myself an electric) I had to play sitting because I didn't have a strap for it. Now when I learn new songs from tabs or w/e I usually start off sitting in my chair playing but when I get the hang of it I stand up and play. You really get the hang of playing standing after a few times, and as mentioned before it helps you with playing without looking at the fretboard which is cool. Imo it's alot more fun to practice standing because you can sort of do more crazy things even if there's no one watching you. (Like headbanging and stuff)
I usually sit. But when I'm really getting into it, or if my back hurts from slouching over my damn guitar so much; then I'll stand up.
Just practice both sitting and standing. I used to practice sitting down all the time until I started playing in gigs. I spent about a week practicing standing up before the first time I was on stage and I admit I was a bit nervous at first because standing up and playing was much different than what I was used to!

But now I can stand up, sit down, spin around...doesn't matter. Eventually you'll feel comfortable playing in any position...even behind your head!
Eh?I believe that if you usually rest the guitar on your left leg it should be easier for you to stand up and play.That's what I've read from posts of other users though.
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A guitar is like a roadmap..once you've gone certain ways (practiced) long enough, it won't be that much of a difference whether you're standing or sitting!

When i come up with new songs or play covers (that i don't know) i practice them sitting down then i just practice it standing up. Moving around really helps to keep you busy if you get "bored" of just standing there...sometimes i go crazy like I'm performing in front of an audience, lol.

Just have fun!


I have the odd occasion when I stand up to play, but my palm-muting standing up is RUBBISH!
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