So I'm in the early stages of getting a new guitar and I'm leaning towards a strat. I'm thinking of selling my 5150 combo and my Floyd strat and using that money and adding a bit to it to get a nicer strat around $1000-$1500. I've been looking at the American Standard, Vintage '57, or Eric Johnson strat. Any advice from any of you. I know I need to play a few and plan to do that when I get back to Nashville in August, just trying to get a jump start on this thing, so I can have the guitar before I really get into my guitar lessons next semester.

I'm looking for a vintage voiced strat with tons of those bell-like tones and a maple fretboard. I love the weight and sound of an ash guitar, but I'll go with alder if that's all I can find. I prefer a nitro finish as well. I need it to be very easy to play and sound good, not great, just good.

So, any thoughts?
The Eric Johnson strat sounds good for you, but its made of alder.
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I think most high end Fenders are all alder. So if you want an ash one you should get the Lite Ash one, and change the pickups if you don't like them.

The best option would be the American Standard or the '57 if you want an aged look.
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the new American Std. is available in ash for an additional $100
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The Eric Johnson strat is finished in nitro and it's one of the best strats out on the market these days. I'd go with that.
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