Help me choose a Metal Pedal between the Metal Muff and the Metal Master, versatile enough to play 80's Metal and todays Metal like Killswitch E. and Bullet for my V.

I have a Solid State Amp 30w.
metal muff is a better pedal by far. but your going to get a whole bunch of replies telling you to get a new amp.
For some strange reason
Writing Killswitch E. and Bullet for my E. pissed me off too much to respond

I think I'm just easily aggravated today.

Bro .... i like 80's Metal THE MOST !!! .... but i like Killswitch and Bullet FMV too ........ right now will keep my Amp ( no new amp at least for this year )

Metal Muff = 2
Metal Master = 0 ..... for now

Is the Metal Muff settings as easy as the Metal Master ?
I have both the Metal Master and a Greenie Big Muff PI...so don't know about the Metal Muff. At least with the Big Muff it provides a great raunchy dirty effect that is great. The Metal Master is a real tight (very good for 80's stuff distortion effect.) I like both for different effects: Metal Master for 80's stuff (Big Hair...LOL) and Muff for Vintage Floyd, Hendrix type tones.