I broke it off with my bassist a couple of weeks ago. We never found a drummer(planning on getting one when school starts). We did a lot of pop-punk covers and were ready to work on our originals. The reason I quit(or kicked him out, your perspective), was because we're on two different levels. I've played twice as long as him, but his skill isn't the problem. He's admitted that he never practices except whenever I'm around. He can't remember anything either which pisses me off the most because we can't learn new songs since he won't remember them unless he works on it for a full day. Now I've written a number of songs and I'm getting really bored as noone else I know plays Bass and I don't want to wait until school starts to find another one. Should I just deal with it and bring him back or **** it?
he is the god damn bass player. either record the tracks yourself with a ****ty bass like mexiSt mentioned or get one of the other thousand bass players in your region
Tell him that he can't learn anything if he doesn't practice on his own too. Tell that what's the point having him as a bassist if we won't train to the songs.
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LOL, for some reason the impression I get from you is like some wacky Frank Zappa of metal pulling pranks at the Grammys and telling crude jokes during interviews.
I've been in the exact situation before, and in the end I thought "f*ck it".

But from the sound of your post, it sounds as if you'd rather have a slow learning bass player than no bass player at all.

Have you tried different ways to get his memory to work?
I'd do Bass myself if I had the money (already thrwoing alot away on recording equipment soon). I know I can find another Bass player obviously, which is why I said in my post that I would find one once school started, in that post I posted. However I didn't know if I should just wait until then or deal with him. Which is what I belive I posted in that post.

And I haven't an oppertunity to try different methods to teach him because he doesn't show any concern about learning. He'll just start talking about other things or say he'll do it later (and of course he always admits he never did). Everytime I threatened to leave he'd promise to practice and to start paying attention, except last time I didn't listen.
Bass players are notoriously lazy

look for another more perky one or buy the current one some caffeine tablets and slip them in his soda
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