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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
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+1, it's pretty much IN Piccadilly Gardens.

However, there is also Johnny Roadhouse not too far away, which is cheaper and better and the staff are more friendly, so go there
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That's me

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cheers, i shall find directions to them in a bit!

if you get the 42 bus, stop 1 stop before you get to picadilly and you're outside dawson's.
If not, go to the main bus stop near burger king and follow the 42 buses coming in and find their second to last stop or follow the 42 route out but keep on the opposite side and look at the names of shops. You'll get to Dawsons.
For Johnny Roadhouse, it's about 10 minute walk from Manchester Uni. It's about the same distance from man uni to aquatics centre and repeat that distance.
Cheers, although i'll be getting to picadilly by train, but i'm sure ill find em eventually anyway, thanks very much!