Well I dont really but im just incredibly & insanely frustrated about how rubbish I am at the moment..considering where I was just over a week ago.
You see 8 days ago I could alternate pick fast as hell, run up & down scales & the fretboard quick as & had just about mastered 4 & 5 string sweeping.
I was actually half decent.

Then I went on holiday for a week...without my guitar

& whilst that was great & all..Im back home now &, well, I basically suck s**t.

Sure I can still play kind of fast but I dont have the same control over my picking hand & my movements arent as relaxed as before. Both hands arent really in sync & my sweeping has just gone completely out the window. All I can do half as good as before is tap, & not even that well. I have no idea what to do. In the last 5 months I had been practicing at least 2hours a day, usually stretching to 3 or 4, & sometimes 6 overnight. I have seen such an amazing amount of progress in those past 5 months that it just pisses me off so much to see that I am now back to what I was maybe 3 months ago.

Sorry about this complete & utter waste of your time but I just needed to have a rant because I was ever so close to just giving up & smashing my guitar on the floor about 5 minutes ago (luckily I chose to snap a drumstick instead).

Maybe someone out there can give me some advice on where to go from here, cuz this just sucks like hell & I dont really want to give up since my new Edwards Alexi is arriving next week...
maybe someone who has been in this same position before could possibly help & give me some direction?

Thanks for hearing me out
you'll get it back faster than it took to gain it in the first time, just keep playing and get back in the groove
Calm down. Warm up for about a half hour by playing scales and easy stuff slowly. Then try to play normaly.
"Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel."- Jimi Hendrix
I had a similar problem when I got back from a week at the beach last month. It will rectify itself soon enough. I got back and couldn't play anything. I practiced for a couple of hours, went to bed, and the next day all was well.

It was the only task I would undertake...

...to reap the harvest that was mine

- [ P R O G - H E A D ? ] -
Here's the reality: every time you pick up the guitar, it's different. It should seem
obvious based on how you've noticed you feel different on different days, but for
some reason people want to go into denial about it. What you were able to
do yesterday, means nothing today.

When you start to ask, "What can I do to get more consistent?", you're beginning
to ask the right questions and confront the problem.

One thing you can do, is have a "startup ritual". The idea is that every time you
pick up the guitar, you take the same steps to get you back where you where
before. I like to have some time to "reconnect" with the instrument. Just sit and
play some "long notes" and let them ring. Play some slow, deliberate stuff to just
listen to the notes. Don't pressure yourself with complexity.

A ritual can be different things. Start consistent to be consistent helps. It doesn't
have to take much time
Well ive had a bit of a practise sesh & i can see that im improving a little...but still not really up to standard

& yes i do have a sort of practice start up ritual, which is doing chromatics up & down the fretboard & then going through some modes & once i nail that at a good speed then i feel comfortable to play on for hours.
The problem is that i just cant play like i used to so its really frustrating since i had to work so hard for that...oh well i guess that ill just keep at it like some of you have said
& i should be able to get about 4 hours in today so hopefully by the time my Alexi arrives ill be able to shred again

Thanks for the help guys