Whilst tuning my acoustic guitar, my D-string broke. Now, it only broke at the very top, right where it wrapped around the tuning machine. I didn't have a spare and so I re-strung it onto the machine for the A-string and strung the A-string onto the machine for the D.
Then my G-string snapped some time later, in the same way. I swapped it over with the B-string as with the A and D strings. It snapped again and I swapped it with the high e-string.

This has left my guitar strung like this:

What I would like to know is whether this will have any damaging effects upon my guitar long-term. Should I replace my strings or can I leave my guitar like this?
I don't think it will damage your guitar, but with your strings breaking as they have been doing, I recommend you changing them.
Not sure on acoustic but on electric techincally you could split the nut, make sure you the new "D" string fits in the grove and is not on top of the groove.
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If you have no money, please explain to your parents, friends or whatever that you are in jeapordy of RUINING your guitar over some stupid shyt and that you need to borrow a few dollars for SOME NEW STRINGS!!! Geeze....