Give me a listen and let me know what you think of this song by Ashley Sheridan, a girl I'm managing/playing with (she is playing guitar on this one). It's called The Willy Wonka Song (you'll hear why lol). Check it out!

Extremely quiet. Nice stuff, your voice is really nice, great job on the guitar part too. The only suggestion I have is that you don't pan both tracks all the way to the right or left. It would sound better if the vocals were centered and the guitar maybe a quarter towards the right speaker. Good job.

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the vocals are amazing, but didnt sync well with the guitar part, and in the begining the vocals were a little quite

seemed a little plain, but overall very good, great talent

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intro was a bit quiet. i really love her voice. the panning was really weird. i think a more centrally panned mix would be better. the song is a good song, but a fuller approuch would improve it imo. the chorus wasn't quite as cool as the verse, but was still nice. the guitar tone was really thin.

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