My birthday is 5 days from now and I've been thinking up getting a new guitar. Currently I have a squire standard stratocaster. I play mostly everything and I don't want to spend too much (nothing over $650). Also, if I were to buy a Fender standard strat would that be a big improvement over the Squire I have right now?

Edit: I'm left handed.
what amp, and what styles do u play
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I have a Marshall Vs100 Valvestate stack. If you were wondering why I have it and use it, it's because it's my brothers and it's better than the practice amp I have.
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what amp, and what styles do u play

The biggest thing people overlook when upgrading equipment the first time is the amp you have. It's understandable - who doesn't want an awesome new shiny $650 guitar?

The amp always comes first, because it will have much more of an impact on your sound than your guitar will.
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Yes. You should be able to get a good valve amp for $650.
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Get yourself a Peavey valveking.
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Ok, there's a Peavey ValveKing 112 combo for $400 and a Peavey Valveking 212 combo for $600. Would I be missing out if I just bought the $400 dolalr model?