Alright so I sold all my old comic books and yugio cards and pokemon cards and I have about $800 - $1000 dollars as soon as the bid ends. I am looking at some new gear for my guitar, either an amp or a new guitar. Right now I have a PRS SE Custom and a MIM fender fat strat. I also have a peavey 112 valveking amp, and a boss overdrive pedal. I will also sell a guitar that I have for money to but a better one. The other thing is I just had back surgery so anything to heavy isn't good. I Play mostly hard rock but do tend to play a little soft rock at points, more indie though nothing pop soft. Don't like anything heavier then Ax7. I have been looking at these so far
gibson les paul worn cherry
gibson explorer
Rhandy Rhoades flying V

This is just what I am looking at now so all help is gladly taken.
Either the Explorer or the Jackson, and ditch the Boss OD, go with a tubescreamer variant.
so far guys thank you for your help. I really don't love the feel of the SG I guess I will try it because I do like the sound but as of right now I am leaning towards the explorer.