i just recently got a guitar center credit card with a $700 limit and i'm in the mood for a new guitar. I already own a Epi G-400 and a vox Ad30vt. My biggest concern is playability. The Epi has a big neck and my fingers stick to the finish so i want a really easy neck. I mostly play rock, blues, and metal. These are a few choices i've selected and i'm open to different ones as long as they are from guitarcenter.

Ibanez SAS32EXFM( I like that it has a trem, love that it has coil splitting, and the prestige neck is supposed to be really nice right?)

Paul Reed Smith SE Custom ( It's a PRS, nothing else needs to be said)

Ibanez SZR720 ( i really like the inlays, neck, and just about all the other specs)

Anyone got any comments about these guitars or any new suggestions?
Well out of the 3, the PRS sticks out as the odd-ball, id ditch it to be honest.

out of those 2, well they are both pretty similar and the trem on the first one is nothing like a Floyd or anything. try 'em out and see what you think
Go for the SA, that's a sexy looking guitar, not to mention the specs are pretty damned good for the price.
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My firend has the last ibanez, id rape him to have that guitar...
GEt that one
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I would check out ESP even though guitar center doesnt carry them......their necks are very smooth and easy to play..... probably the best neck i have ever owned
dont get an esp! the bridges are absolutely terrible unless you get an expensive one
yeah i'm leaning towards one of the two ibanez. i wish the SZR720 had the coil tap because i would definately get that one then. anyone know anything about how the necks feel on them?
Quote by enselmis
dont get an esp! the bridges are absolutely terrible unless you get an expensive one

i really disagree..... the bridges on ESPs are just fine.....
explain why they are terrible
esp's are amazing. definitely check one of those out. the necks are extremely fast.
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guitar center no longer carries esp so that out of the question

you could catch a used one....
well if you could afford $200 more i would recommend the ibanez RG1570, my friend has it and it is just an amazing guitar, plays every style like a dream.
check out a jackson dinky w/ duncans, awesome guitars, very versatile
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the Ibanez SAS32EXFM looks sexy as hell. I'd love to play that thing.
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i have an sas32exfm i like it a lot but the prs looks nice too see if you can try em out. i wasnt sure what to get then i tried the sas in a store and took it to the counter and said "this one"