i'm looking to build a new fender for myself using ebay and other places i can find parts, and im wondering what necks fit into what bodies

for example, im looking at a mustang and wondering if i can put a telecaster neck into the socket, or a telecaster neck on a strat body. as long as they're both the same 4-bolt shape, will it work? I know some have the rectangle 4 screws (like : : ), and the "trapezoid" 4 screws (kinda like : '.).

also, most necks don't come with the neck plates. i'm mostly going after a telecaster neck; will any neck plate with the same screw configuration fit?

Most of the bodies i'm looking at are already loaded (pickups and all, i mean), but being a noob to building and all, is there any risk to installing the neck myself? i wouldn't think so, but i would want to be positive it fits before i risk damaging the body. I've been pretty vague about which body, but im looking at all different ones. There are a few mustangs, a few strats, and a few teles, but im not sure all tele necks fit in tele bodies.

edit: i know the mustang scale length is different, but does this make it not work? i'm somewhat of a noob when it comes to all the measurements and stuff
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the heel is different on a tele neck and a strat neck and i think mustangs have a different scale length
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