i can play it, but i can't get it to sound right? any ideas or tips, The Sentinel- Judas Priest
dont mind the 10th note, just the 7-8-7

How to get this 3 string sweep right?

There it is for others to understand.
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I would use finger 1 to barre the 7th fret and finger 2 or 3 to play the 8th fret, second string note.

That way you can "roll" your finger 1 so that it doesn't sound like a chord.

Also, it would be good to use your right hand to mute first the 3rd string and then the 2nd string (after playing the given notes, obviously).

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I don't really sweep, but i think you would hit the 7 on the G with your index, roll your finger as if hitting the B but use your middle finger to hit that note and continue rolling your index to hit the 7 on the high e
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i'd use my ring finger for the 10th fret then barre the 7th with my index and hit the 8th with my middle finger.. but that's just me.
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You just use three fingers. Your middle finger, index finger, and your small finger.

Use the pinky for the 10th fret, middle finger for the 8th, and index for the 7th fret on both strings.
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you gotta roll the index so the notes dont ring out, otherwise its just a chord
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Yeah dude...

It's a barre except after you play the note you let go of it.
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roll? meaning like let go of the note after i play it?

I find it's easier to just let go of the note and play the other one.

Okay that sounds stupid, let me try and illustrate it. You don't have to roll where it's not needed.

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