Ok my first off I wanted to know if there was any sort of trick to pulling preamp tubes from the back of a 6505+ b/c I just tried to on mine and they didn't seem to want to come out and I was scared I was going to break the circuit board that they're attached to.

Second, the reason I was trying to pull some tubes was simply to see what kind I had. I managed to figure out what I had without pulling any. My tubes are as follows.

Power Amp:
4 x Ruby 6L6GCM-STR

V1&2 EHX 12AX7EH 0611
V3-6 JJ ECC83-S

I've read a little bit on Euro Tubes and from what they say the JJ Preamp tubes are very good so I'm not worried about those. I'm more concerned about the 2 EHX tubes and the Ruby Power Tubes. I couldn't find what brand Rubys are rebranded from so for all I know they are some Chinese crap. Anyone know what they actually are and if I should look into replacing them soon and if the EHX tubes should be replaced as well?
Are you pressing the clips?

Try and hold them from their base or use a clean cloth and gently hold them by their body (never touch the glass part with your fingers, the oil will burn and weaken the glass, same as with car headlamps) with one hand and hold the holder/clips with the other and just try and tease them out.

Ah, just found a video:
I could get the power tubes out just fine. I don't think the preamps have clips, at least from what I could tell, they are kinda hard to get to.
I used nitrate gloves to get mine out. There a thin rubber based glove so on glass you get the grip of the gods then i just wiggled them out. Had the same issue with my VK becuase of how high the shields come up.