you need to get a serial number off the bass, thats the only way you can tell if its fake or not. (i think)

this one doesnt seem to have a serial number or back, it could be Korean/Japaneese and its defenately not american (otherwise serial would be on back of headstock)

Check to see what information you can get on Japaneese Fenders - where the serials are etc - make sure its legit!

Hope this is some help... I only realy know about American/Mexican/Korean
yeah its jap and the serial numbers on the neck. i checked the no. and its its real. I was just worried because i wasnt sure whether the serial number could have been copied from another bass. Does anyone also know what these 90s pbasses from japan are like?
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oh rite sweet - only thing could be that is just a japanese kneck on a copied body, but i doubt that very much judging from the overall ware on the bass.

Yeah thats what i thought, thanks for your help man
japanese basses are quite good I believe at least the earlier ones I believe, like the late 80's early 90's maybe