song i recently recorded with my band, i did all the guitar work and writing. let me know what you think and any constructive criticism is good too.

you listen and judge mine, and il return the favor.

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wow.. sounds great very bluesy

sounds a little like some zeppelin, but actually really good.

i would give you some criticism, but i cant
good job

check out anything on my proflie, let me know what you think
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Umm can't crit that. It's brilliant. Maybe it's just me but all i can say is that in some places i felt the singing was a little little little off either timing wise or pitch wise...and that in one or two places it feels disorganised. But otherwise a brilliant track !!
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wow your singers voice almost sounds like ozzy's!! my friend would be a big fan of you guys cus he worships sabbath. not a bad song dude, sounds like led zeppelin meets black sabbath
lyrics were a bit cliche, but the singing, the riff, and the solo kicked major ass.
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