seems to me that lots of people have a ibanez mikro and are aware of the absolutely crappy tuners. My son, who's entering third grade, wants to take his mim strat to school for the lessons they offer. Being not made out of money ( else he'd have a custom shop guitar ) I have told him that the mikro is easier to transport AND if it's stolen... oh well. I have noticed how badly the tuners are...can someone help me with specifics for tuning peg upgrade. Also guitarfetish seems to have inexpensive pickups..any suggestions as to what to pop in to my son's mikro. thanks in advance. and, having scoured the internet, thanks from LOTS of other mikro owners who will find their answer here!
what genre does he enjoy playing , i would recommend the gfs power rails bridhe and a gfs fat cat . for tuners i would recomend the wilkison ezloks
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pippin65 id replace the nut asap, after months of playing there is noticeable wear in the nut, causing fret buzz, unless I want to reset up the guitar all the time, that and the tuners are my top replacement items, other than that the pickups work fine for getting sound and I'm looking into bridge replacements although I heard standard size bridges don't adjust low enough to properly set up the guitar so some routing may be required
Important upgrades are.. nut, tuners, and bridge (saddles where string contact is made).. pickups (if you desire different tone or sound: treble miss bass focused), electronics (dependable pots capacitor = CTS or other brand) and jack (better quality output jack = CTS).
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