Is anyone else paranoid about buying guitars right off the wall at guitar stores? Maybe its just me but I feel iffy knowing that a guitar I'm buying "new" has been played and touched by probably a dozen people beforehand. It's even worse when you can clearly pick out signs of use like scratches on the pickguard and fingerprints all over the finish. It makes finding the perfect guitar that much harder.

It could be me being just OCD though.
i have the same problem, ill try the guitar out at the store then order it online so i know im getting a new one.
You could always use the scratches and signs of wear as an excuse to get the price lower. They way I figure it is those scratches are just going to start appearing anyways even if you a buy a completely brand new guitar
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AgresiveNapkins has a very good point. I got $50 off my Schecter that way
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the other side of it is getting a guitar online and not knowing the quality or how its set up...i personally would rather buy one thats been used on the shelf since ill put in far more hours of use in it right away anyways and scratch it up, and i know exactly what guitar im gettin
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i would only buy it off the shelf if they took a little bit of cash off of it

this is what I would do
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at my guitar center(i hate guitar center corporated bastards) most whammy bars and tone and volume knobs are missing off the guitar cause people stole em. and the scratches...thats why i shop at a local music store. Thell give me a friendly discount on a item that they ordered straight from the manufacturer.
The world has changed.

Does anyone else remember when you went to the store and bought a guitar without worrying about replacement pickups, "finding the right one" or "mojo"?
[uote="SenorSmiley"]The world has changed.

Does anyone else remember when you went to the store and bought a guitar without worrying about replacement pickups, "finding the right one" or "mojo"?

Maybe the world has changed, but I haven't. When I buy a guitar, that's the way
it stays. A lot of this pickup swapping I think is just insanity. I can somewhat
see it on a cheap guitar, but buying an expensive guitar and swapping pickups?
Insane. Most pickups I've found do the job I want them to, improving playing skill
is the best way to sound better.
I agree. All of my guitars are pretty much the way I got them. The only exception would be I have a few things that someone put aftermarket pickups in and I changed them back.

Good to see there are a few of us left
well i prefere to buy from stores instead of online, at least in a store i can try it out and see if theirs anything wrong with it...last guitar i ordered online was damaged during delivery.

if a guitar in a store isnt up to par i simply dont buy it. i check everything from knobs, switches, intonation, my local store keeps a close eye on anyone touching the guitars so i know someone hasnt really messed them up.
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