okay, first of all the middle string clamp at the nut wont go all the way down, i mean if i push down on the tremolo arm, string g becomes loose right before the peg, idk this is happening im guessing the clamp becuase its not going down isnt holding the string down well, oh and every time i push down on the tremolo arm when i release it back i hear a clicking noise that seems to be coming from the area where the strings are inserted (i got new string lock inserts so im guessing that may be the problem so i tried restringing and inserting the cubes one by one once i got to string g i had the problem >_>
You're getting no help because of the way you're asking in your title.

Be nicer, you'll probably get a little more help.
Be nicer yes, but it's true.

The Electric Guitar Forum is getting less and less helpful.
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