The playing technique is very good, just a few minor problems with timing. Randy would appreciate it. Great guitar tone by the way.
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^ Thanks alot for the feedback poona.

Yeah, the timing is a little off in some parts, I didnt have a backing track to go along with so I got ahead of myself at times.

And thanks for the compliment about my tone. I like it also, alot of people tend to think it's overly trebly, but I think it sounds good. I wanted to use my JCM900 but I didnt have anywhere to crank it, so I ended up using my AVT and Epiphone LP. My Jackson's still in the shop, but next time I'm able to make a video I should have it back.
Was it polemically sent,
I Wanna know what you meant
I Wanna know,
I Wanna know what you meant