im currently trying to get that david gilmour - comfortably numb solo type tone. i gather that he uses a fuzz pedal of sum type so would an electro harmonix big muff be sufficient?

plus if anyone could suggest usable setting for my amp that would also be appreciated. its a kustom high voltage 65 watt amp
Is your Kustom a solid-state amp? If so, then Big Muff will probably sound awful through it. To get the smoothness of Gilmourish solos you must have Big Muff and a tube amp, slightly cranked. The Muff works great then. It sounds pretty awful with SS amps.
ahh thanx for the reply!! yeah its a ****ty hybrid thing!! i kinda regret buying it now, and i should have gone for a decent valve amp. but it was my first proper amp so i guess i cant complain. btw how much do you rekon i could get for it if i tried to sell it? i paid £340 for it new
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hehe big muff

grow up, that was a completely useless reply.

Like Zombiak says the Big Muff sounds best with a slightly overdriven tube amp, but if your hybrid has a tube preamp, it could also work pretty well.

i think david gilmour used a big muff for his fuzz tone though. I'm not sure, so somebody correct me if i'm wrong.
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.