hey everyone
im interested in getting some software for recording. i will most likely be using it to record acoustic guitar and vocals, im a rising senior in high school and i wanna get the gear sometime in a couple months so i can get used to it before taking it with me to college.

my guitar is a Takamine acoustic-electric

does anyone have suggestions for a certain kind of software?
Isn't there a sticky at the top of the forums for this?
-Sticky: Recording Software List

Audacity is free. Reaper is semi free.
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Get Logic Express.
It comes with loads of plug-in effects, a drum sequencer, about 3 synthesizer plug-ins.
Its very easy to use and is the cheapest pro software you can get.
Well, its slightly expensive than the Cubase Essentials, but its much much better.
Its basically got all you'll need right now.

And if you ever felt like upgrading to the pro version, the upgrade is almost the price of Logic Pro minus Logic Express. So basically you'll hardly lose any money in upgrading from Express to Pro than just buying the Pro itself...
Depends on what computer you have. KRISTAL, Ableton Live LE (assuming a smaller budget), Cubase, Pro Tools M Powered, Mackie Tracktion, and Reaper for PC, Logic and Pro Tools LE for Mac. Any software, to be honest, will be perfectly suitable to recording guitar or doing what you want. I'd try out demos to see which one is easiest for you to use or do what you want.

I recommend getting a high quality interface (Presonus Inspire's a really nice one) which often comes with good software and will provide easy high quality connections to your microphones. As for those, you'll probably want a large diaphragm condenser. There are many good ones, like M Audio's Nova, Studio Projects B1, and the versatile Samson CL8.
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I have logic pro 8 and its great

if you have a mac and the money get it, or the express version as said before
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