Well i think I might want to swap the speaker out of my Peavey Classic twenty. It is a 10" 16 Ohm speaker. What would you suggest I put in? I play mostly blues and classic rock stuff. Thanks
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It's 10"?

G10 Greenback. Definitely. Perfect.

And if it's 12" and you're mistaken (although I don't know myself), go for a G12 Greenback.
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I see tons of 10" 8 ohm speakers on Ebay but not many 16 Ohm speakers. I take it I cant use in 8 Ohm huh? What have you all noticed as the difference between ceramic magnets and alnico magnets in these amps?
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Eminence makes a 10" version of their Red Fang, which would be a massive upgrade over the stock speaker you have in there. One you'd be happy about for years to come.

edit: they don't make the 10" version in a 16 ohm model.

So then I'd be on board with a Weber of some sort. The alnico magnet is great for that vintage sound. It's what I'd be after.
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