Hi, i'm looking to get a Valveking 112 used, and i came across this, it looks good, but i'm just SUPER sceptical about buying more expensive stuff from eBay... i'll buy little stuff, like pickguards, but i'm just not sure about more expensive stuff.

It looks pretty legit, though... You guys would buy from this guy, wouldn't you?

Im sure its legit, if the guy has 1800 feedaback, its legit
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I say go for it. Besides those scratches it looks ok.

have you played one yet?
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I'm definately not buying new! Those things are $400 new, and i might be getting this one for $200 or less.... there's nothing wrong with it besides the break on the side. I hardly EVER get gear new.

i haven't played one... yet. I was planning on going this weekend to, but if this thing's legit, i'll get a ride tonight or tomorrow. I know a store that supposedly has them.

(anything's better than the amp i have right now.... lol.)

I bought mine used off ebay. Mine had a small stain on the front and needed a new power chord, but once i got rid of the stain and put in the chord from an old computer, it was good as new.

My friend thought I had a new one, he couldnt tell (he owns the same amp)
Cracker, when did you buy it, i feel like i've seen that one before....

I saw one about a week ago with a little white stain on the front net.

Get it. I paid about $718 for my Valveking (new) because Jamaica sucks. The VK is a great amp, especially if you get to crank it. Besides, with the money you save you can easily replace the speaker for something much better.
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it's got two days left that's why its cheap watch the price double in the last hour. maybe not double but there will be a sharp increase.
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it looks pretty legit.

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it's got two days left that's why its cheap watch the price double in the last hour. maybe not double but there will be a sharp increase.

Well, i've got enough money for one new, but i'm getting it used. I'm gonna bid up to $250 if it gets over that, i'll let some other retard pay full used price for it. You can get one good as new for $250-$300.

I'm definately getting this one (if the bidding doesn't get too high, which it shouldn't, it's got a CHUNK in the side of it). Thanks guys! I hope you're all proud of me *points to my own sig*

Ya, thats prob the one I got. It was about a week ago. Had a small white stain.

paid 235 after shipping.