Im planning on buying a cab from these guys (White Traditional Custom 4x12 with V30s) but before I go mailing a 500 dollar check to California I want to know if any one has ever personally bought something from them before.

If you have:

How did you go about it?

How did you tell them Exactly what you wanted?

Did you E-mail your credit card number?

How long did it take to arrive?

Was it in good shape?

How does it sound?

Im really looking forward to it as my Laney VH 100R is currently sitting on the floor in my room collecting dust. If you guys could just set some of my apprehension at ease I would be really grateful.

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I haven't ordered them, but I heard they're some of the most amazing, affordable recording cabs you can find. They don't hold up to touring well, but they sound great, and should always arrive in good shape. As far as I know, you just e-mail them what you want, of they have a form on the site. The customer service is supposed to be top notch, too.
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you can trust them. If you like Vintage 30s with your amp, go for it. A lot of guys on here have bought from them with good results.
I just got mine delivered today. It's a black 298 special with v30's.

1 I called over the phone and talked to the owner.

2 From what I can remember all you do is tell the model, tolex and grill, open or closed back, what type of speakers, and what ohm.

3 Like I said, I called over the phone and gave my credit card #

4 It took exactly one week to ship to the east coast.

5 As far as I can tell, it's in perfect shape.

6 I use it with a B-52 AT-100 head and it sounds amazing.

If I ever wanted another cab I would definitely order there again.
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I know several people using their stuff and at least half of them ordered via email. None of them have had any problems at all.

Regarding the statement about them not holding up to touring well, I can't say that I've seen that problem. Like most everything else, if you take care of it you should last a while.
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