Alright, I need a new bass amp, for practice and small gigs.
I am on a tight budget and im looking for something rather cheap, but in price not in the quality of the amp.

Fender Rumble 100 [100w] $329 @ Guitar Center

Im really into the Fender Rumble, and if i dont get negitive feedback about it, im buying it...
-Is it good for little gigs at concert clubs?

-Can it sound great really loud, and really quiet?

-Could I perform along side a 75w Line 6 Spider III and a full drum kit? [without being drowned out/drowning out them]

-Am I paying 330 dollors for the quality of a good amp, or just because its a 'fender'?

could you please help? & sorry if this is already a thread, i looked for it though