like the title says my band and I have problems practicing. We just started about a couple weeks ago and have only had a couple practices but they have all been a disaster... Our lead guitarist didn't get the tabs. our drummer was off beat not by much though, and our singer/rhythm guitarist kept yelling at him I was just sitting there waiting for everyone else to calm down and chill so we could start and our bassist wanted to watch robb and big....

I know it might be because we are new at this and it might get better in due time

but is there anything I could do to speed up the progress with out having to take totally controll of everything
Unfortunately there's not much you can do. Well get your bassist to stop watching TV he can do that anytime. It just takes a bit for everyone to mesh together sometimes, just try and make sure everyone is coming to practice prepared, and try to get them to learn their part of the song beforehand, so that may make for a little less chaos. Also realize that bands don't happen overnight, I know its hard but everyone needs to be patient with each other, and not blow up over stupid little stuff that can be easily fixed.

Good luck
Remind everyone that it's a team effort and to work together to solve the problems.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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Completely unrelated, but what do YOU play?

You mentioned a lead, rhythm, bass, singer, and drummer, which I'm assuming youa ren't any of those. Just curious as to what you play.

And I agree with those saying to tell them that it's a team effort. That's what a BAND is.
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Try simplifying everything to start with. Get your drummer to play a basic beat, then get your bassist to join in, then your guitars, then the vocals and just jam some simple tune.
I know it sounds like starting again as a complete novice but it works, it gets you all into the groove of playing together, then when you try something that you've maybe all learned seperately, it'll all come together easier.

Oh, and remove the plug from the telly.
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